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Paint Brushes
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Oil Painting Workshop
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Painting Class
Painting Studio


Cloud Center of Art and Design (CCAD) is an educational center located in Richmond, British Columbia. We provide a customized curriculum tailored to each of our students individual needs, with each student having different focus areas depending on their areas of interest. Through this individualized curriculum, our students will be able to develop their technical skillset in the various foundational principles of art, whilst at the same time developing a creative and design mindset that will be applicable in all their future endeavors. Under our guidance and tutelage, our students are able to gain a headstart in their art and design programs at the collegiate level through early exposure. Even after graduation from our programs, Cloud Center of Art and Design will always be here as a resource for our students to access and utilize, creating a tight-knit community and bonds that last a lifetime.


Creativity and critical thinking is an essential asset for all individuals. The traditional model of education has been subject to scrutiny, as the B.C Ministry of Education itself is transforming to a more progressive model of education. We believe in a “guide on the side” model of education versus the traditional “sage on the stage”, and thus aim to nurture out students to fully embrace their inner creativity whilst giving guidance when needed. At CCAD, we believe that the pursuit of art and design is a lifelong mission, and we hope to share and instill that passion within our students to create a network of like-minded individuals to further support one another as we discover and innovate together.

Our Promise

Not only will our students be able to receive an education and guidance that will allow them to pursue their interests and passions at the undergraduate or graduate level, but we will also be able to smoothen the transition between the learning in a high-school and university environment.

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